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Announcing "Stick Nodes" - Stickfigure animation app!

2014-08-29 12:47:29 by Jynxxx

Hey guys!

So I've submitted a lot of stuff to NewGrounds in my day, both animation stuff and game stuff. However, I've recently moved on to mobile development and have just released my latest app, Stick Nodes.

It's currently only for Android devices (if the app does well enough I will also release an iOS version). Here's the link to the app on Google Play and here's the Pro version (no ads/watermark).

What is Stick Nodes?
The simple answer is this: Pivot for mobile devices.

The long answer is this: Stick Nodes is a simple-yet-robust stickfigure animation app created with mobile devices in mind. Here are some of the key features:
- Automatic frame-tweening turned on/off with the click of a button.
- Great variety in segment shape types allows for greater creativity.
- Color/scale on a per-segment basis - easily color your stickfigures.
- Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create.
- Compatibility with Pivot-created .stk files (version 2.2.7 and earlier).
- Pinch-to-zoom to make animating more convenient and simple.
- Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating.
- Clean, simple interface created with mobile devices in mind.
- More stuff I'm forgetting...

[example of a user-created animation]

So there you have it, would love to get some feedback/ratings and see what you guys can come up with.


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